Why veterans should say no to Ketamine for depression

A lot of us have been there. We feel alone after the military. We drink too much. We have no one to turn to. And we feel like a shell of what we used to be.

We get depressed. We go to the VA. And they might see us, they might not, depending on the wait times at your assigned facility.

But one solution that is sadly becoming more common in recent years is medication. Including Ketamine.

Now, there have been many testimonials that “Special K” can help treat depression. But it doesn’t change an important concern.

We’re using a powerful drug as an escape. That’s not really the answer. At best its a temporary solution. At worst its a habit forming liability.

And the problem with this particular drug is that now veterans who were previously struggling with depression are having difficulties getting to it and they’re concerned (story HERE).

The truth is that our happiness can’t be dependent on a Ketamine or anything else that has to be given to us by a pharmacist.

And we must be extremely careful if this is the new treatment plan for suicide prevention after the military.

This doesn’t necessarily fall on the veterans. The truth is that our elected officials and the VA have done such a poor job handling mental illness among veterans in recent years that its sadly come to this.

Meanwhile, those same elected leaders and VA administrators keep getting paid. Paid very well.

We must work to end our dependence on Ketamine. This is done by continuing to build roads that leave the military and lead to a promising future outside of the military.

We should determine our own happiness. And when we need help, we need real people there to offer it. That’s a real solution. Not a prescription for ketamine.

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