Snake Oil: Al Dente, My Heart is Yours, and Rodeo Core

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And we’re back for our third episode of Snake Oil, and we’re having a pretty good time with the David Spade led venture. The products continue to stump us and make us question what kind of reality we’re living in.

Our celebrity hosts for this week are SNL alum Jay Pharoah and media personality and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel.

Let’s take a look at the products presented (I’m an Amazon affiliate):

Group One:

Al Dente: A singing timer that lets you know when your pasta is perfect


Doggily Ever After: A wedding service for dogs for $899.

Snake Oil: Doggily Ever After, but that salesperson was very convincing. Still, no one fell for it.

Group Two:

My Heart is Yours: A jewelry line that encases the hearts of small rodents (link HERE).

Ash and Sketch: An etch a sketch or drawing device that uses your loved one’s ashes

Snake Oil: Ash and Sketch. And Jay and the contestant were sure it was a real product. And if we’re being honest, me too. Another convincing fake businessperson too.

Group three:

Tap That Ass: A donkey wearing a keg will come to your next event for $800.

Grocery Vest: A vest that will help you carry up to 200 pounds of groceries in one trip (link HERE)

Snake Oil: Tap That Ass. Jay was right that donkey would be pooping everywhere.

Group Four:

Kuma Comfort: A bear shaped body pillow you can hug with a heartbeat.

Rodeo Core: A home exercise machine that feels like riding a horse

Snake Oil: Kuma Comfort. Bethenny is a killer. Maybe the best celebrity contestant we’ve seen so far. What a haul. Wow.

The Snake Pit: Five Products.

Bike Pretty: A stylish and effective bicycle helmet (link HERE)

Oh Baby Baby Synthesizer: An eye backlit, synthesizer inside of a baby doll. (Can’t find a link. There are actually a lot of these).

Chilly Toothpaste: An unapologetically bold and strong toothpaste


Pan Buddy: A handle with extra support to lift hot and heavy pans.


The Shower Lounger: An inflatable chair you can use to comfortably sit in the shower.

Snake Oil: The Shower Lounger. And they got it right! Bethenny Frankel can’t get enough credit here. Just wow. Excellent show.

What did you think of these products this week? Let me know in the comments.

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