The Masked Singer: We learned who the Pickle was

And we’re back for week four of the Masked Singer and we’ve got Jewel kicking us off for 2000s night as we wade through the Group A finals.


Let’s get to the singing:

The Pickle: Our drop in from last week had cops and fights in his clue package and sang “Beverly Hills” by Weezer. NSYNC star Lance Bass delivered an additional clue in the form of wigs. Nicole thought it was Charlie Sheen. Ken though it was Sean Penn. Joel McHale was also thrown out there.

The Gazelle: had a clue package of losing someone close to her wedding date. She sang “Lucky” by Britney Spears with the Britney choreography. The additional clue was brought on by Kate Flannery from “The Office” who presented a DVD that hinted at a film debut for the gazelle. Robin guessed Mandy Moore. Nicole guessed Hilary Duff. Jenny guess Ashley Tisdale.


The S’More: was next and hinted his music videos playing on MTV and the birth of a child in the 200s. He sang “Hey there Delilah” by the Plain White Ts. Bass returned to deliver a tour map as an additional clue. Nicole guess Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Ken guessed Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty and got booed. Jenny who hosted “Singled Out” on MTV close to the TRL era guessed Ashley Parker Angel from O Town.

Cow: was the final singer of the night and said his picture hangs on Capitol Records’ walls. He would sing “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. And he brought the house down. Flannery returned and presented a “Mooosical” as a clue. Robin guess Mario and Ne Yo. Nicole guessed Tay Diggs.

The Pickle and S’More would end up getting sent to the Smackdown round.

Pickle would begin with “Sugar we’re going down” by Fallout Boy and sounded a little tired.

S’more would also sing the FOB classic and do a better job. He’s definitely a boy bander.

It would be the Pickle that was selected for elimination.

And the Pickle would be unmasked to reveal actor Michael Rappaport. We should have gotten that one. Wow.

He would have one of the best walk off rants we’ve seen on the show. Great guest.

Fun stuff. See you next week for Group B!

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