Bachelor in Paradise: In defense of Kat dumping Brayden this week

Good news. I felt like a challenge this week.

And it is certainly going to be a challenge.

I’m going to defend Kat dumping Brayden on Bachelor in Paradise this week for Tanner.

These points are undisputed

To get things started, I will concede to all of you that Kat is a poor communicator and suffers from a fear of everything on the beach. But you’ve got people in your life like that right now. You might even be dating one.


Brayden was just the “big bad” of Charity’s season which just wrapped less than two months ago, where he was exiled by almost every other guy in the mansion after putting everyone on trial for a challenge he wasn’t even a part of.

We agree? Good.

The Case:

Bachelor in paradise has never been about dating in a silo. You don’t just go there to date one person. Sean, who’s been getting high marks for his wisdom (story HERE) even said that you should not be turning down any dates. He’s right.

When Hannah Brown showed up on the beach last week, Brayden jumped to his feet to interview with her and you didn’t see Cat have a complete meltdown then. No. She offered him as a sacrifice. Don’t tell me the warning signs weren’t there.


Kylee did the same thing with Aven. Seriously. And two people got hurt when she did it. Olivia is still trying to even the score, and Will has literally been dumped every week. And no one gave Mercedes a tough time when she moved on and went on another date this week.

The Verdict:

Yes. She’s got bad soft skills. But you can’t blame Kat for moving on from Brayden. A person who many of you couldn’t even believe you were rooting for last night, and who would have dated Hannah Brown in a heartbeat if he had the chance.

Not Guilty. You know it.

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