Bachelor in Paradise: Why Sam and Aaron S. should leave together with their “poop baby”

You’ve got to hand it to those Bachelor in Paradise showrunners. When they get the chance to do something different, they go all in.

No matter how “crappy” it is.

And that is certainly the case this season as Sam, my lone remaining favorite (Brooklyn and Greer got sent home last week, it’s like Simpsons softball for me this season) got diagnosed with a digestive problem that the doctor called a “poop baby”.


Now, she might have to go home if she doesn’t defecate before the sun rises, as if there is some ancient prophecy that will cause the beach to fall into the earth if this woman doesn’t do a number two before the Jack Bauer esque clock reaches zero.

But even with this much silliness, there is an opportunity for showrunners to make the viewers feel good about all of this.

If Sam has to go home, Aaron S. should go home with her.

They should leave paradise and he should go with her to have this “poop baby” together, and as a couple. If that’s not love then I don’t know what is.

And let’s be real. Aaron S. ain’t going to get a rose if Sam does go home. He hasn’t been talking to anyone else and now he’s got to compete with Brayden, who is suddenly America’s sweetheart after raising hell on Charity’s season, and Will who’s averaging getting dumped once for every 10 minutes of screen time this season.


Let Sam and Aaron S. leave together. And let them find happiness as a couple forever, or for at least the remainder of the media cycle.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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