Gen V: Fan theories on who Marie’s benefactor could be

When The Boys or Gen V opens a door with some answers behind it, there are three or four more closed doors with lingering questions that usually follow.

That’s what happened this week when we discovered that it was indeed Cate, who was responsible for wiping the memories of Marie, Jordan and everyone else.


You guys saw it coming the entire way. And even detected the wild Rufus chase that was designed to throw us off.

Still, the show gave us another mystery to try and unravel.

Dean Shetty tells the Woods scientist that Marie has a big future ahead of her and has a benefactor supporting her efforts.

Who is that benefactor?

That’s not rhetorical. I don’t know.

But the fans out there have theories. And given their track record over the past few months, they’re real possibilities.

Let’s have a look at who could Marie’s benefactor.

Victoria Neuman: Fans are insistent on Neuman being involved in some way. There is still suspicion that Shetty could be her mom and given that it looks more and more each week that Marie can blow up body parts, there could be a common interest there.

Stan Edgar: Fans believe that Stan Edgar could use Marie to take back his spot as Vought CEO. That’s not too tough to believe. We haven’t seen the last of him.


Homelander: This one is a big stretch. And the theory behind it faces off against the reason that Edgar would support Marie. Homelander understands that she’s powerful and could potentially take him out. The fandom would freak out if he showed up during the finale.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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