Gen V: The show dropped a Tyrone Biggums reference you may not know

Gen V dropped an obscure pop culture reference during episode five that might have gotten picked up by some Gen Xers and older millenials, but was probably missed by most.

It begins when Marie is taking to Emma in their dorm room after having their minds wiped and Marie starts scratching her collar bone.

“Why are you scratching like Tyrone Biggums?” asks Emma.

Tyrone Biggums is a fictional character played by Dave Chappelle on his classic program “The Chappelle Show”.

Biggums is a crack head. Or a drug addict. About as much as a drug addict as you can be. He scratches himself and has other substance related ticks and is constantly asking other people around him if they have any crack they can share with him.


And when he does score, he usually asks if they have anymore of the substance. He’s also a meme used to illustrate addiction to other things. And Biggums is usually included whenever Chappelle does a round up of his most popular characters.

Getting back to the scene at hand, which does have some significant storyline weight, Marie discovers through a clot in her blood that a tracker was injected into her. She then uses her power to control her blood, and pops the tracker out of her skin causing a bloody splat on her mirror. Kinda like popping a bad zit but a hundred times worse.


But the relevance goes even further. Later, on Marie uses her powers to feel Jordan’s blood. The big question is if Marie can control the blood in others. That would make her extremely powerful, and given how Shetty is talking about her during this outing, that appears to be a real possibility.

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