The Golden Bachelor: Theresa could be a villain or just “aunt oblivious”

“Is anyone else seeing this? I think Theresa is a nice person. But I can’t figure out if she’s dumb as a rock or knows exactly what she’s doing”

That was Kathy talking about Theresa at the end of this week’s edition of “The Golden Bachelor” and my goodness, that is pretty spot on.


Indeed, some of Theresa’s remarks can be interpreted as villainous or “heel” language. This happens a lot on both the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Heck, wait ten minutes after the Golden Bachelor ends and you’ll listen to it on blast during Bachelor in Paradise.

But given the path a lot of these women have walked, and where they are in their lives, Theresa could also be what I call “aunt oblivous”. This is when they’re just relaying information to others and are just plain unaware that their offending others.

It’s like your aunt coming over and listening to your accomplishments by responding “That’s really nice,… given what you were working with.”

Yeah, it sounds bad, but they don’t know that.

Then when you look at her expressions it gets blurrier. I could have sworn she even stumbled during the rose ceremony. All signs of just being aunt oblivious.

She could be Kaiser Soze’ and we wouldn’t be the wiser.

It also has a lot to do of what showrunners decide to do with her. We don’t have a season villain yet, and with a beloved show like this one you’ve got wonder if they even want to introduce one.


Maybe this is their way of doing that without damaging was has become such a pleasant brand.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Kathy seems insecure and jealous but she isn’t wrong about Theresa. Theresa is a CRAZY B****. I hope Gerry doesn’t pick her. I hope she isn’t the first golden bachelorette. I don’t see why everyone loves Ellen. She looks too old for Gerry, older in general. Everyone is worthy of love at every age but she’s a little crazy, obsessive, and possessive I hope Susan or Sandra are the first bachelorette.

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