NFL: Fans pick apart DeAndre Hopkins walking away from Kyle Phillips after botched return

If there are any worries over how in depth NFL coverage is and how locked in fans are while watching games, those concerns should be dispelled after today’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans.

Right before halftime, Titans returner Kyle Phillips fumbled a punt which was recovered by the Ravens. When he went to the sidelines to have a seat, his teammate, DeAndre Hopkins immediately moved away.

The Ravens took an 18-3 lead into the locker room at halftime.

No apparent words were exchanged between the two, and there is no reason to suspect any negative will between the players.

But social media saw it as a dis.




Both “DHop” and Phillips were trending in the negative on Twitter afterwards.

What do you think? Did Deandre Hopkins deliberately move away from Kyle Phillips? Did he have a question for the coaches? What happened?

Let me know in the comments.

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