The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers for 10/16/24 explained: Spin offs and Juice

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers for this Monday October 16th might have been a pretty pleasant way to drift into the middle of October with the holidays quickly approaching. The chaos will arrive soon. Believe me.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed one. Which means there will be a lot of perfects out there.


Hall of Fame LB DeMarcus Ware was 4x First Team All-Pro with Dallas from 2005-2013 before winning a Super Bowl and ending his career with this AFC team from 2014-2016.

Answer: Denver Broncos

Explanation: He was part of that “last stop” team with Peyton Manning, who also managed to squeak out a Super Bowl.



The last time this American League team went to the ALCS was in 2001, when they had a lineup that included Bret Boone, John Olerud, and Carlos Guillen.

Answer: Seattle Mariners

Explanation: Oh, the Mariners. Will they ever make it to the big dance? I hope one day they do.


At one point ranked #2 in the world, the highest-ranked golfer ever to come out of Sweden is this 2016 Open Championship and 2013 FedEx Cup winner.

Answer: Henrik Stenson

Explanation: Don’t look at me. I got this one wrong.

Retail and Shopping:

This American sporting goods retailer focuses on hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor supplies and, in 2017, acquired similar retailer Cabela’s.

Answer: Bass Pro Shop

Explanation: You could have linked these two because they’re the only ones that market this way. Still doesn’t explain the resurgence of the hats.

Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Amy Poehler

Explanation: An older picture of the Terminator. But I do love me some Leslie Knope


Most known for their Fruit Juicy Red flavor, what drink brand is known for a logo with a small man wearing a red hat as he surfs on a wave?

Answer: Hawaiian Punch

Explanation: I haven’t seen anyone drinking the stuff in quite some time.



In 2009, FOX debuted this animated sitcom spin-off series centered around a character from The Family Guy franchise, running for four seasons till 2013.

Answer: The Cleveland Show

Explanation: The best part is that they dis Cleveland on Family Guy about it all the time.


A stunning upset at the time, who won Best Supporting Actress for their role as Mona List Vito in My Cousin Vinny at the 1993 Oscars?

Answer: Marisa Tomei

Explanation: Funny movie. And Marisa Tomei is still just as cute 30 years later.


“Love the Way You Lie” and “The Monster” were both hit songs by Eminem, with what singer as the featured artist on each?

Answer: Rihanna

Explanation: Both songs are bookmarks in pop culture.

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