Wait times for VA education help hasn’t gotten any better heading into 2024

There was actually a trio of events that caused me to get involved with blogging and veterans affairs. It all happened around the late 2000s.

I couldn’t see a VA doctor when I was in pain. The veterans patient “advocate” never returned my call.

The small business “help” I sought out, was nothing but a SCORE appointment with a banker who just tried to get me to take out a loan from him.


And my GI Bill payments were late.

That’s what got me into blogging. And getting into blogging was one of the worst mistakes I could have made. I would have rather have had the VA get me into a trade that could help me build a better future than where I’m currently stuck.

Now, that I’m trying to get help from the VA again over a decade and half later, the process has not improved. I put in an application a long while back and have heard nothing.

Our Department of Veterans Affairs hasn’t gotten any better. Is there no one out there that has been trying to improve this broken system?

I don’t think there is.

And this compounds the pain, especially in Florida, where resources for veterans are scattered everywhere and difficult to find. I remember seeking job assistance from the county and their website said that there weren’t even any appointments available.


But the problem here is that no one is saying anything. Most vets don’t have a blog or know how to get a hold of their elected officials. This allows those companies pretending to help veterans to continue to collect a budget from local, state, and federal governments.

And when it comes to education, there is no one that can help out at the federal level. And we’re left floating out there with no help.

That’s where I’m at right now.

VA education benefits continue to be a poorly managed “mirage” that leaves a lot of veterans waiting for help when we need it most.

If its happening to you, know you’re not alone.

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