The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 10/17/23: Sixth men and unlimited drinks

Your the Daily Dozen Trivia quiz for this Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 was on the middle of the difficulty scale, with some easier sports questions but more difficult entertainment and mashup challenges.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed two. Including said mashup question.

Let’s get started..

Subject: NFL

Prior to their current Head Coach, what AFC team was previously led by Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley, and Herm Edwards?

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs

Explanation: Before the days of Andy Reid and Taylor Swift, the Chiefs were an after thought in the AFC.


Subject: NBA

Lou Williams won his first of three career Sixth Man of the Year Awards in 2014-2015 while playing for what Eastern Conference team?

Answer: Toronto Raptors

Explanation: “Lemon Pepper” Lou played for a lot of teams. I can’t blame you if you don’t remember his stint north of the border.

Subject: NHL

Playing in the NHL till he was 45 years old in 2018, this winger began his career with 11 seasons in Pittsburgh from 1990-2001, leading the NHL in Points five times.

Answer: Jaromir Jagr

Explanation: To the NHL casuals it was either Jagr or Mario Lemieux

Subject: Geography

With over 250,000 people, what is the largest city by population in Ohio without a Big 4 Sports team?

Answer: Toledo

Explanation: 250K actually isn’t that big. But hey. I don’t write the questions.


Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Joe Manganiello and Millie Bobby Brown

Explanation: A lot of people won’t recognize either of them.

Subject: Chain Restaurant

In 2022, what chain introduced a monthly or annual beverage subscription called the “Unlimited Sip Club,” allowing customers to get refills on coffees and their signature charged lemonades?

Answer: Panera Bread

Explanation: Now, you can drink all of the cold coffee you want.

Subject: Television

PEN15, The Path, Difficult People, and Ramy were all original programs aired by what streaming platform?

Answer: Hulu

Explanation: This is a TV blog. Hulu has got some gems on it though.

Subject: Movies

Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, and Daryl Sabara made up the Cortez family in this 2001 spy action comedy film that got multiple sequels.

Answer: Spy Kids

Explanation: Goodness. Has it been that long?

Subject: Music

What band released a 1999 song with the following lyrics: “Say it ain’t so, I will not go. Turn the lights off, carry me home…”?

Answer: Blink 182

Explanation: If you sing it out in your head, its almost a fun answer to discover.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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