The Irrational: “Found” crossover would be good TV down the road

While we’re only four episodes into “The Irrational” and there are absolutely zero guarantees in the world of television, especially on NBC (they cancelled their best comedy in “American Auto) this week’s episode seemed to lend itself to collaboration with another drama on the network.

I’m talking about “Found” who will also air it’s fourth episode tomorrow.

Watching Alec Mercer unravel the mystery of a missing young girl who was being held for ransom just seemed to call out for a crossover with its fellow freshman show.


The possibilities are certainly there. Mercer making the trip to Gabi’s turf to investigate a case. There would certainly be a conflict of styles, but they would both try to make it work.

And just think about Mercer poking around near Gabi’s house and possibly catching wind of what she has going on with Sir.

That would be some excellent dramatic television.

Of course, we are certainly getting ahead of ourselves. All of this would be dependent on the performance of these new shows. They both face tough competition, and we’re lucky we even got a second season of Quantum Leap.

But if it should kick over into a second season, a crossover would certainly be a shot in the arm for both shows and for audiences who perhaps haven’t discovered each other yet.


And let’s not pretend that NBC doesn’t love crossovers. We’ve seen it with Law and Order, and how many “One Chicago” collabs have we seen already? Audiences will follow if you give them a reason to.

Fun possibilities to imagine.

What do you think of a “The Irrational” and “Found” crossover? Let me know in the comments.

Plus: Another character could figure out “The Found” twist before Alec ever gets there. Find out HERE

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