High interest rates are hitting VA home loans hard too

One of the few real benefits we have when we get out of the service is the opportunity for a VA home loan. A chance to truly live out the American dream after our service protecting the greatest country in the world.

Only achieving that dream isn’t so easy right now. Especially, in this economy.

Just like many other Americans that dream of owning a home one day, many veterans are on the outside looking in under these existing market conditions. This is is because of the home loan interest rate that’s the highest its been in 23 years (story HERE).

This is going to price a lot of us out of the market.

And keep in mind, the real estate industry doesn’t love VA loans as is.

Don’t fall for the patriotic marketing. Big real estate is all about the cash buyers right now. Multi billion dollar funds that are buying up all of the available inventory.

Why are they going to help us and wait on our paperwork, when they’ve got Johnny Hedgefund ready to pay over the asking price with cash?

The truth is that they’re not going to.

This was the case in my old hometown of Orlando, where the real estate industry wasn’t helpful at all. And then there was property management in the area that won’t even accept HUD VASH for those of us who simply need a roof over our heads.

So, what do we do?

We wait. And we keep pushing for solutions. We did our part. Every veteran deserves a roof over our head. And we deserve our chance at the American dream.

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