Snake Oil: Black Ivory Coffee, Elegant Pet Wigs and Croccoons

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And we’re back with another episode of Snake Oil, and the new FOX game show has been a fun watch so far.

Our celebrity business advisers for this week were country music star and Peyton Manning running buddy, Brad Paisley, and the legendary Will Arnett, who everybody freaking knows by now and is the host of Lego Masters and an executive producer on Snake Oil.

Let’s get to the products..(FYI, I’m an Amazon affiliate but don’t make anything from the regular links)

Pair One:

Elegant Pets Wigs for Dogs: Stylish wigs for dogs (link HERE)

Jamaican Rum Gum: Alcohol infused chewing gum.

Snake Oil: Jamaican Rum Gum. Very convincing story and actor though.

Pair Two:

Lil Mommies: Play clothes that allow kids to experience pregnancy for $49.99.

Loudmouth Ashtrays: Handmade Ashtrays molded from real teeth (link HERE)

Snake Oil: Lil Mommies. Yeah, I know right? And the dude from Yale and the voice of Sweet Tooth went all in.

The Big Investment

Pair Three:

Boost: A kegel exerciser for men to strengthen the pelvic floor.

The Quiet Cutter: The world’s first auto mower that uses lasers to cut grass. Best commercial of the show.

Snake Oil: The Quiet Cutter. But how cool would that be though? Gob Bluth wins!

Pair Four:

Mr Short House: A high security gnome that protects your home by securing your key in its titanium body that can only be accessed with a fingerprint.

Croccoons: A unique combination of a clog and a taxidermy racoon that can be worn on your feet (link HERE).

Snake Oil: And there is a Mrs. Shorthouse too. Well, actually no there isn’t because it doesn’t exist.

The Snake Pit: (Five products!)

The Happy Headrest: A flight pillow that allows you to sleep face down. Link HERE

Pool Table Urns: A mini pool table that holds your loved ones cremated remains. Link HERE

Motorcycle Airbag Jeans: Jeans with an interior airbag designed to inflate on impact (link HERE).

Lit Bread: A candelabra made of bread that comes with butter candles.

Black Ivory Coffee: Coffee beans that are naturally refined by passing through an elephant’s digestive system and are harvested from their excrement (link HERE).

Snake Oil: Lit Bread. They got it wrong and just like Bojack Horseman were left feeling depressed at the end.

Great show!

What did you think was real? Let me know in the comments.

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