Bachelor in Paradise: We finally got some answers on Brayden and Rachel

If you were watching the “After The Final Rose” special of Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette” you noticed that former Bachelorette and current Bachelor in Paradise guest was sitting next to the season’s villain, Brayden, who is also in paradise during the broadcast.

And this week, we may have discovered how the two got so close.

Brayden, who found himself alone after Kat opted for Tanner, was scrambling for a rose and identified an opening to both start seeing Rachel while firebombing his enemy turned friend in Sean while he made a play for a clearly taken Jess.


It worked to perfection. Rachel saw what was happening and dumped Sean on the spot. To make things worse for our resident Ken doll or as Brayden once referred to him, “Prince Charming from Shrek” (story HERE) was also flatly denied by Jess.

Now he’s the one that is scrambling in this demented game of romance themed musical chairs.

But with Rachel and Brayden hitting it off, it sure does make sense for the two to skate all the way until the end of paradise. The trailer shows the two going on a date next week and continuing to hit it off.

From a publicity perspective it’s a good match for the two to take it to the end. They were both riding high off of their previous franchise appearances and coupled they will give fans and bloggers plenty to talk about for the rest of the season.


Although there are no guarantees. Sitting next to each other at an event could also just mean that they remained friendly when the taping was finished.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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