Gen V: Why Shetty may want all of the Supes dead

The last second reveal blurs the lines involving Godolkin’s mysterious dean


Gen V ended on another wild note this week, with the discovery that Indira Shetty is actually trying to kill the same kind of super heroes she’s charged with protecting.

During the final scene of “Jumanji” (that’s the actual name of the episode), we learned that the Woods scientist injected too much of the experimental virus into his super powered subject and killed her in the process.


Then Shetty looks over to him and asks if he can make the sickness contagious.

It’s a WTF moment because while we learned that Shetty isn’t exactly in love with Vought, we’ve had no clue she wanted the supes dead and gone.

And with a series that already has loads of questions, this raises even more.

Just because Shetty wants the supes dead doesn’t necessarily mean she is the seasons big villain. Butcher would love to kill all of the supes and he’s one of the lore’s biggest protagonists.

The two may actually want the same thing in a wild demonstration of the horse shoe theory.

And they both may be doing it out of revenge. We’re under the impression that Shetty had some problems involving her daughter. This could be payback (no pun intended) for that.

Our next episode also brings in Victoria Neuman, who is running for Vice President. There are some who believe that she could be Shetty’s daughter or sister. And then there is the lagging question over who could be Marie’s benefactor.


Now, this may be good news or bad news for fans of Shetty. Gen V has been picked up for a second season. She’s technically expendable if they want to kill her off and set off the “Defense Against Dark Arts” trope of having a revolving faculty.

The stage is set for some big things.

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