North Carolina lawmakers should demand answers on Kernersville veterans home

Upsetting news out of North Carolina, where veterans aren’t getting answers on the opening date of a veterans home in Kernersville.

According to a local news story from the region, the home was scheduled to be opened earlier this year (story HERE). There are elderly veterans that have been trying to get a hold of officials in regards to seeking care at the facility, but as often the case, administrators have not been giving them answers.

Lawmakers should demand a hard date on an opening. And they should also inquire why this agency is not returning the inquiries of our brothers and sisters in service.

I’m certain that the great state of North Carolina, which has one of the most proudest and deserving reputations of military excellence in these United States, expects more. We all should.

And the veterans who choose to call North Carolina home after they’ve packed away their uniforms deserve better.

But we’ve got high-up administrators working at these organizations that are completely out of touch. They don’t understand that there are veterans who are depending on their services to for their very survival. And I’m positive that if it was their mother or father awaiting the care, that they’ve earned that they would demand better.

Right now, they’re failing in that regard. And we need our elected leaders to get involved and demand results.

This is just one example of veterans services falling completely behind on their promises. It happens on all levels that they’re provided. And not just in North Carolina, but all over the country.

It’s got to stop. And we need to get that facility in Kernersville open.

If you’re from North Carolina and specifically a veteran, or caring for a loved one who is a veteran, call your elected officials and ask them to get involved.

Many of the veterans in the communities I write about don’t have a voice. I look to highlight their struggles, many which overlap my own. If you’d like to help the blog, you can below.

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