The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 10/23/23: New York, New York

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia answers for Monday, October 23rd, 2023, might get your week off to a cranky start. Not because they’re difficult, but because a wrong word sequence or phrase could make you miss the question.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed two for exactly the above reason

Subject: NFL

Hakeem Nicks posted back-to-back seasons with over 1,000 yards receiving for what NFC team in 2010 and 2011?

Answer: The New York Giants

Explanation: Nicks really only made noise with the Giants.

Subject: MLB

After an All-Star career in Boston, Mo Vaughn signed a 6-year $80 million deal with this current-day AL West team in 1998 but got traded after three injury-riddled years.

Answer: Los Angeles Angels

Explantion: A lot of you may be tempted to say Anaheim or even California Angels. Don’t do that. Los Angeles.


Subject: NHL

Making the 2010’s All-Decade 2nd Team, this goaltender spent his entire NHL career with the Rangers from 2005-2020 and won the Vezina Trophy in 2012.

Answer: Henrik Lunqvist

Explanation: Another New York question. Some of us never watch hockey, but 15 years anywhere should raise some flags.

Subject: Geography

What is the state capital of Connecticut?

Answer: Hartford.

Explanation: Some WWE fans may say Stamford. That’s not the capital. Although it may be for us.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Jessica Simpson and Billy Joel

Explanation: Just disturbing.

Subject: Chain Restaurants

Now discontinued, in 2002, what major fast food chain introduced the menu item known as Chicken Selects?

Answer: McDonald’s

Explanation: Yeah. This didn’t last long at all. I guess they tried to press Chik Fil A or something.

Subject: Television

What MTV reality show featured a fan-favorite moment in its second season where a character references the names “J420, Joey Yanks, and Bill?”

Answer: Jersey Shore

Explanation: From New York to New Jersey. Golden television here, man.


Subject: Music

What 2001 Nickelback song opens with these lyrics: “Never made it as a wise man. I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing. Tired of livin’ like a blind man…”?

Answer: How you remind me

Explanation: Not “This is how” you remind me. And yes, this was on repeat back in 01′ for me. Nickelback is valid. I don’t care what you think.

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