Pennsylvania bill for state home oversight would help veterans

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 933 recently passed with unanimous support and is moving to the state house.

The bill sponsored by State Senator Doug Mastriano would in part “establish a Statewide Veterans Home Advisory Board within the Office of Deputy Adjutant General for Veterans’ Affairs” (story HERE).

This advisory board would review, evaluate and make recommendations of the standards, practices, and procedures of the office to include finances, then distribute a report to the assembly each year.

We should be hoping for it’s passage.

This is because our state veterans homes need oversight, especially when many of them faltered during the pandemic, resulting in the numerous deaths of veterans all over the country.

And even before then, there were always regular calls from relatives regarding the care of their loved ones.

Our veterans deserve the care they’ve earned, and their families deserve peace of mind.

This isn’t an indictment of any nursing homes that may be doing the right thing each and every day, but there are many facilities that are very much understaffed, and while there are nurses and caretakers working their hardest, some veterans may still get missed.

This legislation would be mostly for the “higher ups”. I’m talking about facility administrators and management who make a very good living overseeing these homes, and when something does go wrong, they often just shrug, and either stay on doing a poor job, or receive a very healthy severance package.

Many of our veterans don’t have someone to turn to in order to ensure they’re getting the care they deserve. This bill will guarantee at least one board of individuals with access to lawmakers will look out for them.

If you live in Pennsylvania, call your state lawmakers and ask them to support SB 933.

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