Flagstaff should continue letting Navy Veteran advertise his business

Disappointing news out of Flagstaff, Arizona, where one of our fellow vets is suddenly having the advertising of his business pulled after years of running it in his community (story HERE).

A Navy veterans of 22 years had been advertising his gun rage at the Flagstaff airport since 2019, then this year his application was suddenly denied.

The advertisement is both silent and tame. It demonstrates responsible behavior on and off the range. There is nothing wrong with it. It should be allowed to run like it has for years.

You can view it below..

I’ve also gone ahead and penned the following open letter to the Flagstaff City Council..

Mayor Becky Daggett
Vice Mayor Austin Aslan
Councilmember Lori Matthews
Councilmember Khara House
Councilmember Jim McCarthy
Councilmember Deborah (Deb) Harris
Councilmember Miranda Sweet

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

My name is Frank Torres, I’m a veterans advocate originally from the Orlando area. I’m writing you today with this open correspondence regarding Timberline Firearms and their advertising which has ran at your airport for the last few years.

I’m curious to know why their ads were suddenly denied. I’ve viewed the spot and it demonstrates responsible use of firearms with both supervision on the range and constant awareness off of it.

The owner of this business served in the Navy for 22 years and deserves every opportunity for his business to succeed.

There is also the economic development side of this puzzling decision. Many communities use their airports as a springboard to get their visitors out in their community to support local businesses and generate an economic impact where everyone can succeed.

I’m certain that the right action in this case is to let Timberline continue to run their advertisements.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Frank Torres

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