Story about Dog Veteran eating at Texas Roadhouse goes viral again

A video of a dog enjoying a meal at Texas Roadhouse is once again making the rounds on social media, after some celebrities and influencers began passing around the footage, almost four years after it first got noticed (story HERE).

In the video, we observe a German Shepherd sitting next to its owner enjoying a steak and some sides.

How it was mistaken for being new is just another case of social media users throwing out information to gain notoriety and clicks. Its become more and more common with controversial videos that have even started trending nationally because of users not checking their facts.

But in the case of this brave canine who served in Afghanistan, we’ll make a happy exception.

While its obviously the public relations gift that keeps on giving for the restaurant chain, it’s worth mentioning that Texas Roadhouse does have one of the better deals for our veterans and servicemembers on the holiday. I’ve eaten there a few times before.

Let’s go to some of the tweets…

What do you think of the dog enjoying a meal. Let me know in the comments.

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