Kalamazoo County should approve Veterans Millage for our heroes

Kalamazoo County voters have the opportunity to do something great for our brothers and sisters on November 7th. They can fund a veterans service office that will do incredible things for the region’s bravest.

It revolves around a ballot measure that would approve a new millage. This isn’t a “break the bank” millage. Its $10 bucks a year. Many of us spend three times that much on Starbucks Frappucinos every week. Switch to the regular brew for a couple of days and help your community move forward.

And this is an investment.

When veterans return to their communities, we take the hard jobs. We’re the cops. We’re the truck drivers. We’re the public service workers. We want the challenges. We love to make a positive difference. We’re fueled by it. It makes us feel alive.

If you’re not familiar with a veterans service office, it’s a place we can go to when we need help. This kind of intervention can help those of us who are struggling before these challenges grow into problems.

Having supportive services for veterans can save a lot of heartache for communities in the future.

My hometown of Orlando has poor veterans services. You’re on your own if you need help. This just happened to me this summer. I needed housing. I got no help. I needed work. No appointments were available. And there was no way for me to get to my appointments when I was lucky enough to have one.

Kalamazoo veterans shouldn’t have to go through I went through in Orlando. No veterans should.

Some of us have parents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, who might need this office.

Let’s give them some place to go. Vote YES on the Kalamazoo County Veterans Millage.

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