The Daily Dozens Trivia answers explained 10/24/23: Catching up with the Taylors

Either a complete coincidence or a screaming loud theme to wrap up the week for your The Daily Dozen Trivia quiz for Friday 10/24/23. Like its ridiculous. Or maybe I’m following these things too closely. Anywho..

How did you do, Frank?: Missed two, should have been one. No way I was getting that mashup.

Here we go..

Subject: NFL

This Pro Bowl RB enjoyed a long NFL career of nearly 12,000 yards and over 65 rushing TD’s in 11 seasons with Jacksonville and two with New England.

Answer: Fred Taylor

Explanation: A legend in Duval. And our first Taylor appearance.


Subject: College Football

Taylor Martinez was Big XII Freshman of the Year in 2010 and First-team All-Big Ten in 2012, playing QB for what school?

Answer: Nebraska

Explanation: I guess when Big Red fans say its feels like a decade that we’ve had a Martinez at QB they mean it. Our second Taylor mention by the way.

Subject: NBA

Stromile Swift, Hasheem Thabeet, and Hakim Warrick were all selected in the NBA Draft by what franchise?

Answer: Memphis Grizzlies

Explanation: What are our chances of getting a Big Country question? Too far back probably.

Subject: Geography

Reading, Wyomissing, Conshohocken, and Lafayette Hill are all municipalities in what U.S. state?

Answer: Pennsylvania

Explanation: I bet if they would have put Scranton up there you’d figure it out.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Blake Lively and Taylor Lautner

Explanation: Oh why would you do that to Blake? And our Twilight Werewolf makes our third Taylor mention (and our second Twilight question of the week)

Subject: Grocery Products

The processed meat called Pork Roll or Taylor Ham (depending on where you’re from) was developed in 1856 by John Taylor in what northeast state?

Answer: New Jersey

Explanation: My brain kept wanting me to put Spam. But its not selectable. I reread the question and guessed right.


Subject: Television

Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, were main characters on what TV series that debuted on NBC in 2006?

Answer: Friday Night Lights

Explanation: Great show. Great film. And our fourth Taylor mention.

Subject: Movies

In the same year of 2008, what comedic actor starred in the movies Drillbit Taylor, and Marley & Me?

Answer: Owen Wilson

Explanation: Our fifth Taylor mention. And watch “Wedding Crashers” or “Armageddon” instead.


Subject: Music

In May of 2015, Taylor Swift released a hip-hop remix of her song “Bad Blood” as a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist?

Answer: Kendrick Lamar

Explanation: Our sixth and final Taylor mention. That’s a lot of Taylors.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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