The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 10/28/24: Lingering Pumpkins

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz for Saturday, October 28th, 2024, had some spice to it, and not the find you’ll find in an $6 season themed latte.

How did you do,Frank?: I missed three. And was hard stumped on all of them.

Here we go..

Subject: NFL

Aaron Rodgers is a career 0-4 in the postseason against what NFC West team?

Answer: The San Francisco 49ers

Explanation: And he actually grew up a fan of the Niners. Irony.


Subject: College Football

Before converting to WR in the NFL, Julian Edelman and Josh Cribbs were both starting QB’s at what MAC school during the 2000’s?

Answer: Kent State

Explanation: Dead to rights. This is going to stump a lot of people.

Subject: NBA

The 2013-2014 Rookie of the Year, this 76ers point guard’s NBA debut included 22 Points, 12 Assists, 7 Rebounds, and 9 Steals to beat LeBron James and the Heat.

Answer: Michael Carter Williams

Explanation: Has he been in the league that long already? Time is a lie.

Subject: Retail and Shopping

“Dress for Less” is part of the brand name for what major chain of discount department stores?

Answer: Ross

Explanation: F*** yeah. I’m a shameless Ross fiend. A dozen Panasonic AA batteries for $3, and throw in the generic bluetooth speaker for another $5.


Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Kiefer Sutherland and Miley Cyrus

Explanation: If they would have pasted VMAs Miley, I would have got it, instead I guessed Kaley Cuoco

Subject: Snacks and Candy

What popular candy brand sells a green-colored Halloween variety called Witch’s Brew, subbing out the classic chocolate for a marshmallow creme coating?

Answer: Kit Kat

Explanation: I’d never heard of these before! Is it a regional thing? Wow.

Subject: Television

What 2x Academy Award-winning actor made their first appearance as the character David S. Pumpkins on Saturday Night Live in 2016?

Answer: Tom Hanks

Explanation: ANY QUESTIONS!!!

Subject: Movies

Despite a 42% Rotten Tomatoes critics score, this 2008 superhero film starring Will Smith grossed over $600 million worldwide.

Answer: Hancock

Explanation: “With your tight a** Wolverine costume!” (post credits scene)


Subject: Music

“Linger” and “Zombie” were both major songs released by what Irish alternative rock band in the 1990’s?

Answer: The Cranberries

Explanation: No one will ever have that same sound again. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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