Fantasy Football fans can’t trust Packers running backs right now

This one hurts me to write.

Because this blog was born in Green Bay. And I’m a Packers fan.

But this needs to be said.

Fantasy Football owners can’t trust Green Bay Packers running backs until further notice.

This is because since his dynamic week one performance and accompanying injury, Aaron Jones has scored less than 12 points the rest of the way. He’s been injured for most of that. But when he actually suits up, he’s either on a pitch count, or is on the sidelines because Matt LaFleur has never enjoyed using him anyways.


And this is also AJ Dillon hasn’t stepped up as expected, only breaking double digits once in eight games. And fans are wondering that the back drafted just a few rounds after Jordan Love, might have also been overestimated.

The struggles of the Packers backfield is just a part of what’s wrong with the entire offense that just never seems to get it going.

All of this is happening in an environment that is experiencing some offensive uncertainty for the first time in 30 years. Some of these players weren’t even alive for that.

We’ll have to call on the leadership to take the wheel and steer us to the storm. But if we feel the pressure on the outside, its immeasurable to consider what it must be like in Ashwaubenon right now.


The Packers now have to consider what the possibility is that they might be drafting high at the very event their supposed to be hosting.

And for Fantasy Football, I’m benching both backs until we get some kind of vision for what they’re thinking.

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