NBA: First Take considers if James Harden trade is bad for the Clippers

While you were sleeping the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers conducted what is being called a blockbuster trade that will move James Harden out of Philly, where he had been on non speaking terms with the front office, to the Clippers, where he’ll play alongside the likes of Kahwi Leonard and Paul George.

The First Take crew on ESPN Tuesday morning wasn’t so sure about the fit.

“Who’s going to play defense?” asked Shannon Sharpe, who noted that the Clippers shipped out defensive players to get Harden. “I don’t look at them and say ‘now they’re better than the Nuggets, now they’re better than the Phoenix Suns”


Tim Legler says the Clippers success is dependent on Kawhi Leonard staying healthy “I just don’t think Kawhi is going to be there in the end.” and added about Harden “Doesn’t move the needle for me one bit”

Stephen A. Smith questioned the fit with Russell Westbrook who has played with Harden “They both want the ball” he said “Is his minutes going to be compromised?”

The Clippers move deeper into the fray of an already deep Western Conference that includes the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns. Harden has been on four different teams in recent years. In addition to the Clippers, he has played for the Sixers, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Houston Rockets.

You can watch the segment below.

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