AMC Screen Unseen guesses for 11/6/23 movie

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AMC has announced their “Screen Unseen” campaign, where they will give you the opportunity to see a movie for just $5. The catch is that you don’t know what the movie is beforehand except for the rating.

Their description reads..

With AMC Screen Unseen, tickets are just $5+tax. We will share the movie’s MPA rating ahead of time, but the feature presentation will remain a mystery until showtime.

After the show, share your thoughts with #AMCScreenUnseen on X (Formerly Twitter) for a chance to win a film fanatic prize pack.

Fans have already started guessing what the movie is.

Important: These are guesses. There are no guarantees. Theaters that have ran mystery campaigns in the past have had a very unpredictable selection. There have even been theaters in the same chain showing different films. The only thing we know about the upcoming movie on November 6th is that it’s PG-13.

Here are some guesses on what movie might be shown.



The Marvels: Dream big. Getting to see the next Marvel film for basically 60 percent off and a couple of days early, would be a daring move by AMC. But it would also pique interest in future Screen Unseen presentations.

UPDATE:There is a lot of buzz online that this is the film because it is an “early” screening. If it’s not, then AMC should say something, because they could have a theater of angry guests.

Next Goal Wins: The Taika Waititi soccer comedy would be a nice consolation prize. This would probably be the most likely choice.

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