Remembering Bobby Knight, the “Blue Chips” final boss and Guitar Hero favorite

The sports world lost legendary college basketball coach, Bob “Bobby” Knight, on Wednesday. He was 83.

There will be plenty of athletes and sports analyst far more qualified than me to discuss his accomplishments in basketball and coaching.
But I thought I’d write about how Generation Xers might have viewed Knight, especially when he was at Indiana.

He was of course “The General”, but to the non basketball uninitiated mainstream, many saw him in “Blue Chips”, the 1994 sports drama that starred Nick Nolte, and a baby faced Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

In the film, Nolte has to try to keep his program clean from bribery and corruption. He fails. But before his big turn at the end of the film, the most dramatic part of the movie portrays Knight as “the final boss” leading his Indiana program against Nolte’s Western squad with O’Neal and Hardaway.

The movie allows Knight to showcase his memorable personality on the big screen opposite of Nolte, and some other really great basketball players and coaches.

You can view a clip below…

Knight also had a great sense of humor. Over a decade and change later, he appeared a on a Guitar Hero commercial with Metallica and fellow coaching greats Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino and Roy Williams.


Rest in Peace to a basketball legend myself and many other fans will miss..

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