All of the Marvel Movie Rumors floating around after Halloween

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at a pivotal point right now. With lackluster TV shows and a decline at the box office, everyone is looking for a revival that can bring the franchise back to what it once was.

That being said, if you woke up this morning and looked to your social media, you would have seen a handful of rumors circulating around multiple story lines and cast changes that intend to do just that.

Let’s break down these rumors and theories.

Mahershala Ali was going to ditch Blade until they switched writers: If it seems like years since we watched the two time Oscar winner walk out on that convention stage after being announced as the next daywalker, then you’re right. Now we’re hearing that the script is being ripped up and repenned by “Logan” writers.


Out with Kang, in with Doctor Doom: The real life troubles of Jonathan Majors don’t appear to be subsiding. And now we’re hearing that Doctor Doom would be the next big bad in the Secret Wars storyline.

They want to bring back Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson: You can’t go wrong with the OGs right? Both, the original Iron Man and Black Widow coming back to the big screen would certainly jolt ticket sales back to life and no one is ever really dead in the comics anyways. But it does draw serious questions to the future of the mythology if they can’t develop new stars.

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