Echo: It might take the Kingpin and a TV-MA rating to break Marvel mediocre streak

Marvel premiered the trailer for Echo on Friday morning, and the big take away according to the fandom was the TV-MA rating (which tops the trends, and the return of Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin.

It might take both of those things to give us a reason to get excited about Marvel TV again.

A lot of you are enjoying “Loki”. I get it. But he’s an OG Avenger (technically a villain, but you get it). OG Avengers are always going to get us to pull out the wallet.

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Echo is an untested character from a show a lot of you didn’t care for in “Hawkeye” (which I appreciated as a Christmas treat).

But we can get behind Vincent D’Onofrio and his Kingpin. He was awesome in Daredevil and was the nototrious comic book criminal overlord we had been waiting decades for (with respect to the late great Michael Clarke Duncan). That show made him who he we were expecting.

And now we need him to lift up Echo.

We’re also going to need that TV-MA to do its job. We can’t do another soft show. We need some violence.

Quantummania, Guardians, She Hulk, and the upcoming The Marvels. All are on the softer side of storytelling (we don’t talk about Secret Invasion).

The Marvel fandom now ranges from a couple of generations. We need something for the older fans. There is no reason why Echo and Wilson Fisk can’t provide that.

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And given how poorly the new Daredevil show and the Blade film are developing, they might be our only hope for a while.

At least until Deadpool and Wolverine get here.

Let’s root for the Kingpin and violence. Because we need something to jolt this tired Marvel lore awake.

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