Tommy Tuberville blocking military promotions is dangerous and unpatriotic

Right now, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is a liability to national security, and the quality of life to my bravest brothers and sisters who are still serving in the military.

Tuberville has blocked hundreds of military promotions this year because he does not agree with the pentagon policy on abortion.

While everyone is an entitled to a position on the issue, Tuberville is wrong to use this grandstanding measure to raise his own profile at the cost of our servicemembers. And you don’t get to sacrifice our safety for that grandstanding.

When I was in the military, do you know what my political beliefs were? My beliefs were established when I raised my right hand. I believed in defending the safety and freedom of my countrymen at home. Full stop.

There were no considerations to the greedy political philosophies of a politician who is taking food out of the mouths of my family, and the families of the men and women serving besides me.

There were no thoughts of how my promotion might affect the selfish intentions of someone who has no idea of what its like to put on a uniform, pick up a weapon, and spend large amounts of time away from everything we love.

We just wanted to serve.

And as we speak, Tommy Tuberville is making our military weaker. He is delaying the promotions of leaders that affect the outcomes of missions we’re performing all over the world. There are positions that are empty right now because of him.

His political foolishness could get our brothers and sisters killed. And he compares our service to his football coaching.

That is unpatriotic and that is a threat to the way we live our lives in the greatest country on earth.

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