The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers explained 11/5/23: A Simple Dance

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia Quiz for this Sunday, November 5th 2023, was a Daylight Savings Time gentle nudge of your brain, with almost all of the questions in the range of multiple generations.

How did you do, Frank?: I missed one. Which means there will be a whole lot of perfects out there.

Here we go..

Subject: NFL

This AFC team made the playoffs five consecutive seasons from 2011-2015, but failed to win a playoff game.

Answer: Cincinnati Bengals

Explanation: Ah yes, the Marvin Lewis era

Subject: NBA

Bobby Jackson played with this Western Conference team from 2000-2005, helping them make playoff runs, and was the 2003 6th Man of the Year winner.

Answer: Sacramento Kings

Explanation: We’re going to have to start making the Kings our blind answer.

Subject: Golf

After multiple runner-up finishes in both the PGA Championship and Open Championship, this Spanish golfer finally won a major, taking home the 2017 Masters.

Answer: Sergio Garcia

Explanation: The mind wanders.. Tiger, Phil, Rory, Sergio..Thats it!

Subject: Geography

The stratovolcano known as Mount Fuji is located 100 kilometers southwest of what major Asian city?

Answer: Tokyo

Explanation: You probably knew it was in Japan. And you probably can’t name any other cities in Japan.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Adam Driver and David Schwimmer

Explanation: Driver could probably be a decent Ross. Right?

Subject: Chain Restaurants

Michael Strahan, Robert Griffin III, Apolo Ohno, and Michael Phelps are all former spokespeople for what major chain?

Answer: Subway

Explanation: “Eat Fresh” with their 21 celebrity endorsements per commercial

Subject: Television

Pawn Stars, Vikings, Alone, and Ancient Aliens are all shows that air on what cable channel?

Answer: History Channel

Explanation: Networks stopped being their name a long time ago. Right MTV?


Subject: Movie

Anna Kendrick plays a small-town mom vlogger who tries to solve the disappearance of her elegant and mysterious friend, played by Blake Lively, in this 2018 film.

Answer: A Simple Favor

Explanation: Movie had no business being this good.

Subject: Music

“What are you looking at? Strike a pose. Strike a pose…” are the opening lyrics to what 1990 Madonna song?

Answer: Vogue

Explanation: Have you watched that video lately?

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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