Dion Sanders coaches Travis Hunter along with his sons at Colorado

We knew Prime and Colorado would struggle, we went for the ride anyways

The Colorado Buffaloes are 4-5 after falling 29-16 to the Oregon State Beavers this weekend. They’ve lost five of six games.

But you knew this was going to happen. Didn’t you? We all did. We just didn’t say anything for hype’s sake.

When the season began every major network made it a point to cover Colorado’s games into the ground. This was because of “Coach Prime” Deion Sanders, who is probably somewhere on everybody’s favorite 90s players of all time list. He was electric then and he carries his swagger to the sideline when he coaches.

He’d had success at Jackson St. He was also going to be successful in Buffalo.

For a couple of weekends, he was.

But we saw the cracks. We knew that this was a small team. That line was leaky. The defense couldn’t tackle well. There was entirely too much success in the fires of chaos for this team to go far.


Still. Dwayne Johnson was at the game. Who wants to be the negative Nancy who spoils that party? The answer is nobody. And the few people that had the nerve to say something on TV or social media were quickly shouted down for not believing.

Not all is lost if you’re a Prime believer though. The team is already more successful than it was last year, even though that’s not saying much. And next year’s recruiting class should make the Buffaloes even better.


But you knew this would happen. You looked on that schedule and didn’t say anything. Now everything that had to be said is being told on the field and on the scoreboard.

Next time we’ll speak up. But probably not.

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