Fort Myers American Legion should allow entry for veterans service dogs

Unfortunate news out of Fort Myers over the weekend, as we learned about the service dog of a war veteran being denied entry to an American Legion facility (story HERE).

You read that right. A dog that is certified to help one of our fellow veterans is not allowed in a building that is supposed to be an organization of camaraderie for veterans.

And if you’re like me, you might be skeptic. People will try to pass anything off as a service animal these days. When I worked security, I’d see service cats and birds. But the policy was the same. No documentation. No entry. This dog was marked and had documentation.

Its also important to note that service dogs for veterans are becoming more popular and that our tax dollars are investing in these loving animals, who have been proven to help our bravest men and women through their darkest times.

But don’t bring that potentially life saving ally into an American Legion in Fort Myers. We can’t have that dog barking in the middle of all this drinking we’re doing.

Now, we have to consider that there are actual written rules published by the Legion that could get that location in trouble.

If that’s the case, then those rules should be changed. Its almost 2024, you can take a dog almost anywhere these days.

If the dog is a documented service dog by a credible organization or a licensed physician than it must be admitted.

And I’m sure that our state legislature would not be too keen that their investment in improving the quality of life for our veterans is not being cared for.

If you’d like to contact the American Legion to have your voice heard
on the issue, you can HERE.

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