Orlando Apartment Complexes a factor in animal shelter overcrowding

“Apartment complex is threatening eviction because of the dog’s size,”

“Have nowhere else to go,”

“Got Evicted,”

“Apartment complex doesn’t accept breed,”

Those were some of the reasons provided by Orange County Animal Services, who is now housing over 200 dogs in their shelter, with over 40 taken in on a single day.

They’re asking the community to step up and consider adopting a dog. I wish them all of the luck in doing so. You should take one home if you can.

But the sad truth is that our elected officials aren’t treating the disease. We continue to let the Orlando real estate and property management industry mistreat our residents with unfair rent increases and unreasonable policies.

And now some dogs, who once slept in a bed with loving owners and their children are going to pay the price.

Do you have a dog? Take a look around your house.

Imagine that someone comes into your home and tells you that you’re not allowed to have it anymore. You’re being asked to get rid of a member of your family.

And due to no fault of its own, that member of your family now faces a very uncertain future in a kennel where they’re not going to be able to greet you when you get home. They’re not going to be able to watch television with you or open your gifts next to the Christmas tree.

But instead they could very well end up experiencing the worst scenario possible. And they did nothing wrong.

Imagine that.

And now imagine 200 other families going through the same tragedy.

We need to do something about apartment complexes mistreating our family members this way. Call your elected leaders and tell them to act now. And if you’d like to adopt a pet click HERE.

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