Bay Pines National Cemetery whistleblower complaints deserves intense scrutiny

The complaints from the Bay Pines National cemetery regarding allegations of sexual harassment aren’t being addressed properly according to lawmakers from the region (story HERE).

According to the story, the complaints have been coming in but there hasn’t been any corrective action in the investigation regarding an administrator who is facing allegations of harassment, and has since been transferred following those complaints.

Transferred. Not terminated. You’re still paying him.

This lack of movement simply isn’t good enough. And it points directly to the heart of a larger problem at the Department of Veterans Affairs and other organizations working for veterans.

That’s bad employees not being dismissed for making bad decisions and behaving in a fashion that harms others.

We’ve seen similar situations throughout the country with administrators performing poorly at a medical center or department and then getting transferred elsewhere.

If these were civilians, they would be dismissed. But because of government red tape, they stick around (story HERE).

And this kind of behavior doesn’t occur without other decision makers protecting these bad people. This is a serious problem with the culture.

In this case, the victim of these allegations was another veteran, which only compounds the problems that our entire community is facing.

The solution is to break down this abuse of bureaucratic protections that have been abused for so long. If this happened in the private sector, there would immediately be an investigation and probable termination. If not, there would be lawsuits and the organization condoning the behavior would be held liable.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that to the VA. And the bad guys who are hiding among the other honest employees helping our bravest brothers and sisters have to pay the price.

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