How good does the WWE and Vince McMahon treat Veterans?

This is a question that intersects at two of the things I’m both knowledgeable about, and passionate in documenting.

The life of veterans after military service.

And World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE.

And more specifically, how does the father of the WWE as we know it, Vince McMahon, treat veterans?

The answer to that is very good.

The WWE salutes veterans every chance they get. In addition to the holiday shoutouts, we’ve got “Tribute to the Troops” for as long as I can remember, the WWE has ran a holiday show for soldiers that might not be able to make it home for the holidays. And they usually feature the top shelf talent. We’ve seen John Cena and the Undertaker at these shows. And the main events have been excellent.

There have also been the specials like the Veterans Day promotion, where veterans have gotten a free ticket to a show.

And I can tell you it makes a difference.

I’ve been watching WWE/WWF since I was a young kid. And during all of my overseas time in the Army, I was able to watch WWE programming on the Armed Forces Network. It was part of my television routine.

And now with apps and streaming services, our soldiers can watch their shows whenever they want.

So, yeah, WWE has been good to veterans. Really good. And they’ve been great to the active duty servicemembers too.

This is why despite the creative differences many fans will have with the booking decisions, I always try to sit through it and see where it goes.

Because the WWE is for veterans, Then, Now, Forever, Together.

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