Another painful Orlando Thanksgiving incoming without affordable housing

The holidays are already here already. Can you believe that?

Next week is Thanksgiving, and while you sit down to enjoy time with your family and good meal, many struggling families in Orlando will spend it in cars and shelters. If you’re one of those struggling. Know I’m with you. I don’t have somewhere to call home in Orlando.

This is because Orlando leaders have spent another year doing little to nothing for affordable housing, while Orlando Real Estate and Property Management continues to hike rents at the cost of working families.

In 2023, our elected officials cut the ribbon on a what are a handful of affordable units in the scope of our Orlando community. And we continue to fall victim to cigarette style advertising of the Orlando real estate industry throwing pennies at a problem they created while pretending to be part of the solution.

The answer is the lowering of rent. But no one wants to admit that’s the solution because it lowers the bottom line. You can’t lower the bottom line. It doesn’t matter how many kids are on the street.

Every real estate leader will have you living out of a car before they hit the brakes on these unfair rent increases.

“How are they allowed to get away with this?” you might ask.

Campaign contributions. That’s how.

Obviously, we don’t have that kind of money. What can we do?

Talk to your elected leaders. Call their offices and tell them that you’re suffering because we can’t afford our rent.

Explain to your lawmakers on the local, state, and federal level that despite working, you can’t afford Thanksgiving this year. Christmas too. Call them right now.

Action is the only remedy for this. And of course, you must register to vote.

Thanksgiving will be tough this year. But we have an election next year. It can be better next year. It really can.

We just have to push.

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