My Letter to Orange County Commissioners suggesting cuts to Visit Orlando

Hello all.

Frank here. Below, you’ll read my letter to the Orange County Commission suggesting deep cuts to Visit Orlando after yesterday’s meeting (story HERE).


Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings
Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Commissioner Christine Moore
Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Commissioner Maribel Gomez-Cordero
Commissioner Emily Bonilla
Commissioner Mike Scott

My name is Frank Torres. I’m a struggling resident of Orange County, who’s currently floating around staying with relatives and friends, as I hope for affordable housing to appear.

This letter is in regards to the discussion involving Visit Orlando this week. I’m suggesting deep cuts to the organization. A number thrown out yesterday was $25 million. Myself, along with other individuals and organizations understand that this money could be used for a much better purpose.

Visit Orlando did not do a good job answering your questions yesterday.

Why are we using Orange County dollars to promote other counties on their website?

Why does Visit Florida spend $20 million dollars less to promote the entire state?

Why isn’t a County Commissioner sitting on their board?

All of these are valid questions that weren’t adequately addressed.

And it all compounds the seriously flawed Tourism Development Tax restrictions that continues to hold this entire community back.

Right now, we can’t do anything about TDT. But we can do something about Visit Orlando.

Imagine the good that can be done with that kind revenue. Almost anything would be better than speaking for a theme park industry that already speaks for itself.

Please cut the budget to Visit Orlando. It will be addition by subtraction for the Orange County Community.

Thank you,


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