Osceola County affordable housing nudge comes too late for many families

Osceola County has announced a new affordable housing development. A 96 unit initiative propelled by funding from different areas of government (story HERE).

It will be completed around 2026.

Not much help if you need a place to stay in Osceola County right now. Or if you’ve been working 50 plus hours a week and can’t cover the incoming rent hike.

And that is a reality for many struggling families in the heart of the tourism hub for Central Florida. Myself included.

The truth is that Osceola County has nurtured bad housing regulations, that have no regard for the fact that the area is home to the very workforce that makes our entire tourism industry possible.

They’ve sat by while property managers have implemented wild tax hikes that have thrown families out on the street. And when those families sought refuge in hotels, Osceola County shut those down too (story HERE).

To a family that is already on the street, in a shelter, or crammed into a car in the Wal Mart parking lot, this news is of little help to them. Osceola County saw this crisis coming and instead sided with the very real estate industry that was responsible for throwing those families on the street to begin with.

Osceola County lawmakers deserve no credit for this long overdue action. And 96 units is no push. It’s barely a nudge. So much need remains.

If you’re like me and struggling to find a home in Central Florida, then you must use your voice. Contact your elected officials and let them know your struggling. Tell your relatives. Tell your employees. Tell your friends.

Tell everyone.

We have to stay focused. Because a handful of units in 2026 won’t help the families who are on the street right now.

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