Starbucks “Red Cup Rebellion” is warranted and overdue

Today, Starbucks workers will stage a walkout in stores all over the country, as they seek more support from the coffee giant that doesn’t even give them enough to pay the rent in my hometown or Orlando, and has them working long hours in understaffed stores.

While Starbucks has had walkouts before, doing it in this moment of time when the effects will be felt by the company is not only just, but long overdue.

Today, is Red Cup Day. Free cups for customers. And next week is Black Friday. Really, they should walk out then too. And for the entire day.

If they don’t things will never get better.

The truth is that Starbucks is one of the toughest customer service jobs out there. You’ve been in the stores. We coffee customers are some of the most demanding out there. We bark our orders at them “Tall!” “Sweetened!” “No whip!”.

They hear these rude orders hundreds of times a day. And even if they’ve made the drink perfectly, our over pampered palates will seek out and find something wrong with our $7 dollar coffees and demand that it gets made again, as the line gets longer and they fall further behind.

So, yeah, we should at least make sure that they have enough help behind those lines.

And Starbucks isn’t the only company walking out. Especially here in Orlando, where we’ve got pilots and flight attendants picketing as they’re exploited by the airlines.

Then of course, you’ve heard about the car industry and even the actors and writers.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. If you work hard, you should be compensated appropriately.

It’s my wish that these Starbucks workers find support and results in their walkout today.

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