Fantasy Football: Last minute advice for 11/19/23

This is your Fantasy Football last minute advice for Sunday, November 19th 2023.

Let’s get to breaking down your questions as we lead up to kickoff. Its going to be a big weekend for a lot of us!

(Experts are analysts on X. Rankings are a combination of multiple reputable sports news websites.)

Here we go!!

Sam Howell against the Giants or Justin Herbert against the Packers?: Rankings say Herbert. Experts say Howell.
Howell against a feeble Giants defense

Dak Prescott against the Carolina Panthers or CJ Stroud against the Arizona Cardinals? Rankings and experts all going with Dak.

Dak Prescott

Courtland Sutton against the Minnesota Vikings or DeAndre Hopkins against the Jacksonville Jaguars? Rankings and experts are split. I like a rejuvenated Russell Wilson better than facing Sacksonville.

Courtland Sutton


Chris Godwin against the San Francisco 49ers or Calvin Ridley against Tennessee?: Experts and rankings are split. I don’t like going up against that 49ers defense.

Calvin Ridley

Mike Evans against the 49ers or Puka Nacua against the Seahawks? Rankings say Evans. Experts say Nacua. Still don’t like that Niners defense

Puka Nacua

Evan Engram against the Titans or Cole Kmet against the Lions?: Rankings and experts are split. The Titans don’t scare me.

Evan Engram

Josh Allen against the Jets or CJ Stroud against the Cardinals?: Rankings say Stroud. Expert say Allen. Allen can’t lose thing game.

Josh Allen


Justin Fields against the Detroit Lions or Kyler Murray against the Houston Texans? Both of these dudes have been hurting. Experts and rankings are split. I don’t think Fields wants to be there.

Kyler Murray

Raheem Mostert agains the Las Vegas Raiders or Jaylen Warren against the Cleveland Browns?: Experts. Rankings. And records all point to Mostert.

Raheem Mostert

Devin Singletary against the Arizona Cardinals or James Cook against the Jets? Rankings say Singletary. Experts haven’t chimed in. Josh Allen will insist on a big game and the Jets defense is still good.

Devin Singletary


Gabe Davis against the Jets, Christian Watson against the Chargers, or Brandon Cooks against the Panthers?: Rankings say Watson. Experts are quiet. Davis and Cooks are on teams with other options. Watson isn’t and is under a lot of pressure.

Christian Watson

David Montgomery against his old team, Chicago Bears or Tony Pollard against the Carolina Panthers? Experts say Pollard. Rankings say Pollard. And Chicago might say tank.

Tony Pollard

Josh Dobbs against the Denver Broncos or Jordan Love against the Los Angeles Chargers? Experts and Rankings are going with the “Passtronaut”. Who am I to disagree.

Josh Dobbs.

Jalen Hurts against the Kansas City Chiefs or CJ Stroud against the Arizona Cardinals?: Rankings and experts say Hurts. I will break away on this one.

CJ Stroud. Texans need it more.

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