NFL: Fans rejoice as Jerry Jones tells Jimmy Johnson he’s Cowboys Ring of Honor bound

NFL Football fans from all over the country took a moment to clap before the Sunday action began, when Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, told Jimmy Johnson that he would be entering the team’s Ring of Honor on December 30th.

Johnson coached the Cowboys in the 90s and was responsible for their golden era, resulting in multiple Super Bowl Championships during a time when all time greats like Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irving, were all wearing stars on their helmet.

It was Johnson that coined the “How about them Cowboys?!” catchphrase.

The thawing between Jones and Johnson after so many years is closure for a Cowboys fan base that has been trying to restore those glory years since Johnson and successor, Barry Switzer made them champions,and some believe it could even remove a curse.

Here is the announcement..

Football fans had a lot to say online..

What do you think? Is it way overdue that Jimmy Johnson enters the Ring of Honor? What did you think of the announcement? Let me know in the comments.

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