No, Publix is not open on Thanksgiving Day

The holidays are precious. Life is short. I’ll make this quick.

Your Publix supermarkets will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day.

“All stores and pharmacies will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 23.” says their official website HERE.

They will be open for all of your Black Friday chaos.

If you’re one of my Orlando readers, where I used to live before the rent got too high and I had to leave, then you would be surprised how many family members are actually looking for food on Thanksgiving night, after the dinner has been served.

This is why some bars will actually open with their kitchens ready to go around the evening time.

But if you’re looking to hack your dinner with some Publix hot food from the deli, then you’d better plan ahead with some reheating options in place.

Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Like I mentioned earlier, it won’t be a Happy Thanksgiving for me. If I saved you a trip to the store and you’d like to help out below, you can. Thank you.

Plus, what about Winn Dixie? Find out HERE

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