Trending: What to learn from the Pokimane expensive cookie drama

Ultra successful streamer turned entrepreneur, Pokimane, has launched a line of cookies.

They’re $7 a bag. With an order price of $28.

Yeah, that’s expensive.

And then this successful personality didn’t handle the complaints very well. She called one of her fans a “broke boy”.

That was wrong.

As someone who both, has an audience, and certainly can’t afford $28 for cookies, its disappointing to have someone you invest your time in, turn on you like that.

Moving into 2024, we spend a lot of time with each other. Whether it’s blogs, streams, or even Tik Toks, we have become each other’s friends and entertainment.

Having someone criticize our means hurts. I come from politics. I’ve had it done to my face, in boardrooms and country clubs. Real Downton Abbey villain stuff.

Here is what we can learn from this nonsense.

Find other friends: If someone isn’t grateful for you, then go elsewhere. There are thousands of creators out there that would be happy to have you. I’ve seen some deliver epic streams to a couple of dozen people. They won’t care that you can’t afford their merch.

Take it as a challenge: If you do this, then you’ll have my respect. Work and study hard. Learn the skills to make that money. And when you can afford $28 in cookies..

… Spend it somewhere else.

I don’t normally weigh in on the streaming stuff. I’m too old. I’ve been blogging for 15 years. But I have learned one important lesson.

Audiences are gold. And if you’ve managed to earn them, you should treat them that way.

Have a good day.

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