A letter to my fellow veterans on this Thanksgiving Day 2023

Thanksgiving is here, again and each year, I try to write a letter to my brothers and sisters who are still serving all over the world, and to my fellow veterans all over the country.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The time to be thankful is upon us again, and as always I’m grateful for all of you still wearing the uniform and spending time away from your families to protect our freedom. During my time in the military, I missed seven straight Thanksgivings but enjoyed the camaraderie of my units during this time.

Things back home are okay. I say okay because we’ve still got challenges. A lot of us are struggling. We can’t find housing. We can’t get timely medical attention. And tragically, our suicide rates have gone up.

If you can stay in, stay in. If not, then please, please, have a plan for when you get out. It remains my biggest mistake since taking off the uniform for the last time.

But what you love about this country is still alive. We enjoy a measure of freedom that other civilizations in our history have died for and what other countries today still don’t have. We can still enjoy starting a family. Siting down for a good meal. And watching a Thanksgiving football game or three.

You are still a member of the greatest military in the history of the world, serving the greatest country in the history of the world.

And in a time of uncertainty, when the bad times arrive, we understand that its our greatness that will ensure that the good times aren’t far behind.

God Bless You,

Frank Torres

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