Cobra Kai: Fans demand show is canon in Ralph Macchio, Jackie Chan film

Exciting news in the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai universe.

Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan have announced that they’re coming together for a new Karate Kid film.

And the news is being received with quite a bit of excitement. Fans want to know how these two favorites will collaborate, especially with the mythology split so far apart.

But there is some concern.

Cobra Kai fans are demanding that the popular Netflix show is canon.

You can’t blame them. The show has been spectacular for the entirety of its run.

Let’s go to the tweets..





And the questions go on and on. We probably won’t find out until the cast announcements are made or even until the actual trailer reveal.

What do you think? Should Cobra Kai be canon in the new film? Let me know in the comments.

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