The cruel reality for older homeless veterans

While my life is a nightmare right now and I feel the minutes of this precious existence going to waste, I’ve been fortunate to have had a great youth, and I’m still middle aged. I can’t give up yet.

But when I look around at the older veterans around me who are also struggling from homelessness, my heart breaks for them.

This is no way to end the final chapters of a story.

Older veterans face a tougher road back to a decent quality of life than any of their juniors and they’re doing it with more challenges. They can’t work the physically demanding jobs, that are under demand and some who are disabled can’t even be on their feet for that long.

That’s not to say that they haven’t at some point in their lives. Many of these veterans are experienced tradesmen. Some of them built the very communities we live in.

And what did we do? We raised the rent on them and kicked them out on the street.

The senior homeless veterans have also felt the effects of their struggles move down the bloodline. Their families are fragmented. Some live in one part of the country while others live in another region. Those homes are filled with children.

And even some grandchildren.

As I walk the streets and visit the same offices, I see the rotation. Shelter. Benches. Shelter. Benches.

That’s no way for our veterans to live out their lives.

We’re failing our older homeless veterans. Heroes shouldn’t live this way.

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