The Climb up the High Ladder out of Veterans Homelessness

When I wake up in the morning during my current fight with veterans homelessness, I feel overwhelmed. This is because the climb out of homelessness for us is a high, strenuous, and occasionally dangerous one.

For many of us it will be the hardest thing we do.

It is a tall, tall, ladder to climb out of this pit of poverty.

We must be reminded that we’re starting with nothing. We’ll use the homeless veterans services that we earned with our enlistment. But like I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, those services are overwhelmed. They might get us off the street. But depending on your community there many not be any room for that to happen inside of a given window of time.

Once you do get off of the street, they need to try to rebuild you. This means getting you healthy, ensuring you get clothing, along with anything else you may need.

Then with no resources, you have to go back to work. You’ve still got to find a way to get a job. For many of us, this can be anything from fast food to construction. If you have a trade, its useful (I currently don’t and it’s a terrible struggle). Those incidental expenses could fall on you and freeze your search there.

And then you’re still dealing with the stigma of being homeless. Job interviews can be uncomfortable. Some employers don’t want us. You begin to question whether anyone really wants you.

It’s a terribly hard. There are moments when I want to give up everyday.

The only that keeps me going is my past. It was wonderful. And its the promise that keeps me going. The good life does exist for me if I can climb out of this pit and rediscover that life.

Friends. Life is very difficult right now. If you’d like to help out below you can or read HERE for more ways to help. If you have any questions, please write me at

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